Winter (Nov, Dec, Jan)

Kissing Ball Class_0009

Winter is a time for honoring traditions and customs, and one of them is dressing up your outdoor containers with beautiful fresh greenery and holiday decor. From formal to elegant, Cathy Testa of Container Crazy CT creates winter arrangements of many styles.

In December, this option is available and the arrangements will last until end of January or later, depending on the weather conditions. Minor or major embellishments are added to include that touch of sparkle and color.

November is usually a difficult time for outdoor plants to survive because we are now beyond average temperatures required for plants in containers. However, non-living decorations are an option to make your entrance festive. It is whimsical and gets us in the spirit of the season with warm fall colors and tones.

We also offer beautiful handmade holiday wreaths or holiday kissing balls to dress up your doors or interior of your business or residence. These are custom ordered throughout the month of December.

Visit Cathy Testa’s other sites for more information:

We are in the process of adding winter installation story here on this website. Stay tuned to see our features and photos.

Visit Cathy Testa on Instagram or Facebook under Container Crazy CT also.

Thank you,

Cathy Testa

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