Installation Process

For Business Owners, the installation involves us setting up the container and installing it on site. Or alternatively, in some cases, the container is pre-assembled at our nursery and delivered via our enclosed trailer. After we are finished installing it, it is thoroughly watered and reviewed with you on the appropriate plant care to follow by you and your staff.

For Homeowners, the installation will take place at your designated time of day. You may be present or have us do the installation while you are at work or otherwise busy. Most installations occur in the day hours so the plants may be acclimated appropriately to their new environment. If you are not home for a plant review after the installation is complete, a thorough explanation of all the plants, plant care and more is provided to your reference. All plant tags are furnished as well. In some cases, installation occurs over a repeat number of visits where we may do one aspect of your install and return for more installations. All is discussed in advance based on your availability and preferred scheduling.

Looking forward to working with you!

Cathy Testa


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