Seasonal Program Option

Four-Seasons for Business Owners

A four time seasonal change out; for spring, summer, fall and winter. Each interval is approximately 3 months long. The container is planted with the cheerful colors of spring and when the blooms begin to fade, changed out to a summer smasher to last well into early autumn. Following this, a fall arrangement is made with fall plant candidates able to tolerate the cooler outdoor temperatures. Finally, a wonderful mix of fresh greenery fills the container for the winter season for the holidays in December. A free consultation is provided followed by a complete quote for your goals. Once approved, we can start right away to work with you.

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We are in the process of adding information here on this website about consultations and different installation stories. Stay tuned to see our features and photos.

We’ve been using Cathy Testa’s services for several years and each design filled with plants is enjoyed by our clients. It is fun to see how she changes up the seasons and she is always willing to work with us for our current needs.” — Krysta Ramaeka, Leslie Hickey and the Staff @ Joe’s Fine Wine & Spirits, East Windsor, CT.

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