What about Container Care?

When we install container gardens for you, the appropriate growing environment is used to get the plants off to the right start and keep growing well. We use quality mix, slow-release fertilizer and water reduction amendments. Additionally, we provide you with documented instructions on how to water to help you maintain the life of your installation.


Containers require watering on a routine basis. We add watering reduction amendments upon installation, and have a Container Care Kit available to assist you with watering with instructions based on plant type.


For situations where you may be concerned of your business clients and visitors using a container garden as a cigarette receptacle, a small sized pot filled with sand is the solution. We offer matching cigarette pots for these situations for an additional small fee.

Clipping Back

Sometimes plants may require a slight haircut or snip to clean them up as the season progresses. We will assist you in these situations. Other than these maintenance items, the care is minimal.

Cathy Testa


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