What are Container Gardens?

Container gardening is the art of growing plants in pots. When you search the word container gardens or container gardening on the web, you may notice some people define it as growing vegetables in pots, but container gardening is not limited to just vegetables! That is for sure. You may use container gardening for so many situations and types of plants. The options are endless and with the right combination, stunning.

With the appropriate potting media, feeding and plant care, container gardens provide instant gratification and focal points. They operate like “functional art” in the right scenarios, bring life and amazing colors to an area, and add movement. For businesses, they are useful as well as welcoming. For homeowners, they create an oasis in your outdoor surroundings.

Cathy Testa prefers growing plants in containers designed to be focal points so she often recommends installing big pots. Big container gardens make a big statement. They capture your attention, create a focal point worth noticing, elevate the arrangement of your showy healthy plants, and ultimately reduce the compaction problems of small pots – so movement of water in the soil is enhanced.

Big pots provide good anchorage for your large plants so it won’t topple over in the wind. Also, they hold more inches of water, won’t drain out as fast which helps in reducing watering routines. Big pots helps the plants to grow larger and showier, leading to more bang for the buck.

Sometimes, two or three medium sized pots work well in business or store front scenarios to direct traffic or redirect a walking path. Two large pots gracing a main entrance helps your visitors know where to go if you have two entrances at your business location. Positioned appropriately, containers or pots may assist with parking, blocking sore spots and drawing the eye to key signs.

Homeowners may want to include a big pot in their outdoor setting along with various smaller to medium sized pots, either way, container gardens provide a plethora of design options. Another wonderful benefit of adding container gardens to your home is helping out pollinators. Bees, birds and hummingbirds enjoy visiting the plants and it brings life to your world.

In the case with homeowners, container gardens serve as your decor like a pillow or end table would enhance a space indoors. More and more people are expanding their living environment to include outdoor spaces. We work with you to select your preferred style and we can use existing containers you may have right at home already, or obtain special containers to suit your decor.

Container gardening is also great for those with physical limitations – no bending, weeding, digging! For kitchen container gardening, you can have unlimited access to various herbs right from your door step. We have often incorporated vegetable plants in our designs – imaging grabbing a crunchy yummy pepper right off your plant or kale from a pot that is not only a healthy snack but absolutely beautiful in a pot!

Some may argue container gardening is not sustainable, and I absolutely disagree – because when you use containers in the correct way, reuse plants which are overwintered, and reduce the use of heavy fertilizers, it is a wonderful alternative and doesn’t require high impact conditions which may negatively affect the environment like other options may.

Containers are highly popular and we will work with you to match your style and decor to our container garden designs. Whether you are a business owner dressing up your entrance or a homeowner creating a beautiful scene, we are here to assist you. Please browse this blog site specifically designed for you.

We hope to hear from you.

Thank you,

Cathy Testa


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