Indoor Office Pots and Interior Home

Cathy Testa also offers beautiful indoor office pots for your business. Low-light houseplants in mixed containers and decorative pots add life to your interior business location, whether it is an office or retail space. Consider my services. It will brighten up any space, and if your current interior plants are hurting, consider replacing them with beautiful, healthy indoor interior mixed containers by us. We add slow-release fertilizer to every pot, as well as use quality, professional potting mix.

We also offer interior home plantings. A home is not only enhanced by the beneficial ‘cleaning of the air’ plants provide naturally, plants also provide life to your surroundings for you and your guests to enjoy. Plants are a decor element just like any other in your home’s interior surroundings. We work with your style and offer plant care services after installation if needed to maintain and water your plants while away on travel.

More will be featured here on the types of plants we feature, whether for low-light situations or a bright light situation in your home or business. We work with specialized growers of houseplants and scout what best suits your needs.

Stay tuned for additional photos to be posted very soon.

Cathy Testa

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