C19 Updates

It is somewhat ironic that Covid-19 brought me more planting opportunities than ever. See what I wrote below at the start of C19, compared to today, October 15, 2020.

The onset of this pandemic brought on the ability for many people to take a break from their busy routines in life, although this also brought on stress for many, but one magical thing occurred, people started gardening.

I received more inquires than ever from many people. I sold out on all my unique tomato plant starts in the spring, which people acquired from me via ‘Zero-Contact Porch Pick-Ups’ from my location in East Windsor (Broad Brook), Connecticut. I also sold seed planting kits which many people asked for, with my thorough how-to’s included. Mailing the seed packets felt like I was literally helping someone create their very first victory garden.

Additionally, while I always wear my mask in any location, when working outdoors in the fresh air, a mask is not required when you are alone gardening.

Gardening provides a form of therapy. A break from our ongoing and ever-changing C19 mandates and rules. A chance to reflect, pause, and enhance our home away from home (which literally is OUR HOME), which is more important than ever! We can not always travel right now, so why not escape to your own patio filled with plants, or walk to your new Victory garden to enjoy your harvest.

I was extremely pleased to be able to enhance the outdoor spaces of many clients during C19 this year, 2020, especially if it helped ease their concerns and issues as we all continue to cope with this situation.

Another thing the C19 situation did for me, as well, was create a new transition. In addition to installing container gardens, patio pots, planters for homeowners and businesses, I offered workshops on plant creations for 10 years.

My plant related workshops initially were postponed, delayed, and then eventually cancelled. I decided to no longer offer workshops this year and going forward. I do not plan to hold workshops anymore, but a new item evolved, workshop kits by order. I am offering all I did in workshops via kits with instructions, plants, and more.

Lastly, I absolutely enjoy creating custom hand-made plant gifts and decorations for the home. From tables-cape centerpieces to unique plant gifts. These are also featured on my www.WorkshopsCT.com site which is currently being revamped, as is this site. Because people are staying in smaller groups at home, under safe conditions, these custom order unique and hand-made embellishments for the home have become popular.

Many of my photos on this site are from years past, and I am working to update them with current stories of installations of container gardens. I have been so busy this season, I neglected this site, which is focused on my container garden installations. There are so many installation stories to share, which will be featured here very soon over the next few months.

Additionally, this website seems to load slowly (with the gray pulsing dot when you open the initial website page) and I’m working to try to resolve this. Hopefully, you are not having any technical computer issues browsing this website.

If you require any information, feel free to contact me directly at 860-977-9473 or containercathy@gmail.com. I would be happy to share references and photos of my work to you directly.

Thank you for visiting my site.

Cathy Testa
Container Crazy CT (my handle!)
Official business name: Cathy T’s Landscape Designs
Located in the Broad Brook section of East Windsor, CT

A Post Earlier this C19 Season:

So much has changed, yet so much remains the same. As I cope with the daily C19 challenges, along with everyone else, I am still very much involved in my normal routine of planting from seed, tending to starter plants in my greenhouse, creating custom gifts for clients, and planning ahead for the container gardening season.

The container gardening season will be upon us very soon. I usually have already picked up plants, but all is on a wait for the “GREEN LITE” to say GO! I have my supplies ready and some plants on order with my growers, but I’m patiently waiting like everyone else for two things: Our CT weather to cooperate for my tender plants, and for the world to be safe again. As soon as I may start assembling here at my home base or at clients’ sites, I am ready.

If interested in my services, please contact me as soon as possible. We can arrange for an on-site (at a distance visit) to review your goals. Then a complete proposal is presented for your review and approval. Again, I offer all things in container gardens, patio pots, and in all sizes from tiny to huge!

Look for me in the June 2020 Issue of Connecticut Magazine, May 2020 Joy Magazine and yesterday’s Journal Inquirer! Looking forward to meeting you.

Thank you – Cathy Testa
Container Crazy CT
Broad Brook/East Windsor, CT
Dated: May 5, 2020

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