A Yoga Studio

Not just “a” yoga studio, but a hot yoga studio. The owners contacted me regarding adding interior houseplants to their entrance areas and in their actual hot yoga exercise room.

I knew right away, this would be a new challenge, yet I was intrigued.

Because of the owners’ excitement to decorate their walls with living plants, we decided we would take the risk for the wall planters she envisioned for the hot exercise room. The room would have hot temperatures at times, so all was created with the element of understanding the rooms growing conditions. They also wanted planters for their entrance areas.

I assembled a few different scenarios for them.

First, a couple floor planters and table planter for their entrance areas. They were particularly concerned with saving a Sanseveria trifasciata (Mother-in-law’s tongue plant) which they already had at their studio as a gift from a customer. I took that plant to my greenhouse and propagated pieces from it for them. It was included in the new mixed houseplant floor planter in the center as a thriller plant.

I obtained new and fresh houseplants from my grower and added them to this planter, and another table top pot at the entrance desk. Both are thriving today and continue to do well.

The wall hanging planters, beautiful galvanized planters provided by the yoga studio owners, are round with an area for inserting plants. I alerted them to the fact there are no drain holes so we would need to add gravel to the base and not over stuff them to reduce weight, since they would be hung on a wall.

Here is one of them above. I took photos before delivering them for the installation. The spiller plants would eventually trail and create an elegant look on the studio wall.

Wall Hangers

Among other easy care houseplants, which I hand selected for this project, was Peperomia obtusifolia (baby rubber plant). These plants happen to be one of my favorites and I have them in my own home, so I have witnessed how well they function in a home setting with little attention.

The plant’s rounded shaped leaves are rubbery, so much so, they almost look faux. Additionally, this plant is able to take low to indirect light and moderate watering. Many species of this plant have variegated or molted colorings, in addition to just dark green.

Trays of my Health Houseplants

Small white hanging pots were also planted with small starter plants, and then all was delivered for their installation.

White hanging pots

Most of us are aware, houseplants are good for us. And so is exercising in a hot yoga studio. Pairing up the living walls with the intensions of this studio, was beneficial to everyone.

Plants can make you feel good, just like exercise can. I guess that was the moral of this Installation Story. It helped to create an indoor oasis for the studio, a little nature nook on the wall, and decorate the entrance areas where they place the studio’s calendars and other flyers.

Most houseplants like warm during the day and cooler at night. Once situated and happy, it is sometimes best not to move them as they do not like to be moved often. Many houseplants also enjoy humidity, which they certainly would get in a hot yoga exercise room!

Some houseplants are able to tolerate lower light than others. In most cases, a bright indirect light or filtered light is sufficient. Each plant was selected by me with these conditions in mind.

Thank you,

Cathy Testa