2022 Updates

Fall is here and winter will be approaching, it is closer to 2023 than it is 2022, in some respects. The past year has been filled with many beautiful plants, container gardens, and as usual – challenges! This past summer was all about lack of rain. We had a droughty year and although this makes for more watering routines for container gardens, patio pots, planters, and window boxes, it also provided beautiful summer conditions with a hot season for the plants which loved it – such as the big tropical plants, like Alocasia and Colocasia (elephant’s ear plants), herbs, tomatoes, and other sun loving vegetables.

Upright Alocasia Plants with Spillers

I continue to offer container gardening services for residents of homes, apartments, buildings, store fronts, and any outdoor spaces you wish to dress up in season. Additionally, I make seasonal centerpieces, such as the succulent pumpkins in the fall, and soon will be making my fresh holiday wreaths. Each creation is unique and handmade by me as a solo one-woman owned business in Broad Brook, Connecticut.

It looks like we finally don’t have to wear masks anymore and working outdoors lends itself to this freedom as well. Some things were paused during the pandemic and I sense things returning to normal again as far as routines go, however, the pandemic along with climate change, disasters across the country, shipping issues – you name it, created more challenges for the people in the horticulture arena, however, we continue to well, “continue!” because we love plants and realize the wonderful breath of well-being plants bring to our surroundings, not to mention how plants also support our much needed pollinating insects.

I love creating with plants in containers and have learned so much along the way, but it is always a never ending learning process, which is why working with plants is a science and an art. My style is more personalized, meaning I feel I am more like a personal gardener to some. I love growing my tomatoes in the spring time and making creations each year. My service area is anywhere within a 15-20 mile radius to my home base location in Broad Brook, CT.

Sprouts on a Window Sill
Succulent Blooms on a Tall Slender Stem
Rubber Tree Plants in Red Tall Planters
Funky Art Finds in Patio Pots
Purple Passion
Globes Embedded with Vining Mandevillas
Terrarium Creations
Agave Waiting Out Winter Indoors

I’ve worked with so many varied scenarios from learning and teaching how to grow sprouts at home on your kitchen windowsill to creating and teaching workshops on making wreaths and holiday kissing balls. I worked with succulents, cacti, perennials, annuals, tropical plants, herbs, vegetables, and so many types of plants in container gardens and patio pots, even shrubs.

This photo of me above is from several years ago. It was taken on my deck and the deck at my home is where all my passion for plants outdoors in special places began. I have a small home but it becomes a vacation outdoors in the summer due to all my plants in patio pots and containers. It is a way to relax, take nature in, pause and enjoy the bees and hummingbirds visiting. So for this update of 2022, I guess you can say the only thing that has changed (due to age! ack) is me! But my passion for plants will never change.

Thank you for visiting.

Cathy Testa
Container Garden Designer
containercathy at gmail.com

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