IMG_9074Cathy Testa is a professional container garden designer whose extremely passionate about decorating and enhancing outdoor living spaces with plants. She started potting up plants as a hobby the minute her husband finished building a large deck the full length of their ranch style home 25 years ago and her passion has grown into helping others do the same at their homes or local businesses.

Cathy grew up on a farm in East Windsor, Connecticut, which gave her a sense of nature at an early age. She helped her father sow seeds in the garden and harvest vegetables for their family. Later in life, she left the corporate world in her late 30’s to take on a new career in the world of gardening.

Cathy holds a two year Associates degree with a concentration in Floriculture from the University of Connecticut, and completed the Master Gardening Program at the Tolland County Agricultural Center. In addition, she regularly attends annual conferences to continue learning about horticulture.

IMG_9078Her style is focused on the big, bold and beautiful tropical plants, which are extremely fast growing in summer, and put on a spectacular show in container gardens. However, she works with many varied types of plants from perennials to cacti as well.

This blog site, ContainerGardensCT.com, is designed to help those interested in having Cathy Testa install container gardens at their business or residence locate information on the type of programs available.

We look forward to meeting you and hearing about your needs for container gardens.

Cathy Testa

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