If you are in need of container gardens and patio pots for a special occasion, such as a birthday party, anniversary or special event, please reach out to us early to plan ahead.

The benefits are:

  • Option to Rent or Buy the Container Gardens for Your Special Event
  • Long-Lasting Arrangements (an alternative option to cut flowers; containers of plants last much longer)
  • Helps to anchor focal points at the event (and to prevent accidents, such as tripping over tent cords)
  • May be offered as gifts to your guests following the event and cherished forever
  • Large and showy impact at the site when staged appropriately
  • Are showcase piece of living art, embellished with your colors and decor

Pricing is based on number of containers and plants, soil media, amendments, maintenance, décor, etc. per each container and patio pot to be delivered, and subject to change for any modifications requested by the client prior to delivery on an agreed upon date for the event.

A contract is provided in advance for approval. Plant availability is subject to seasonal or unforeseen weather conditions.

We also offer various plant gifts, hostess gifts, or plant related decor for every season.

To set up an initial free consultation meeting, please fill out the Contact Form below.

Thank you,

Cathy Testa


ContainerCrazyCT Wedding_0008
Container Gardens for an Outdoor Wedding – Ready for Delivery