As a business owner, you may be wondering why you should adorn the front entrance of your business or store with containers of plants?

Here are a few reasons:

It makes your location, especially if you are a new or growing business, feel and look alive as the plants grow, bloom various colors and rise above your big container. When your outdoor entrance looks dull, old or void of a welcoming presence, your customers sense this. By adding a few big containers or pots filled with lush plants, they know you are there for them and care about the impression made before they even walk into your store or place of business.

It adds curb appeal to your establishment. We know how important this is – and containers or pots with live plants adds this element to your front entrance or walkway. It is an easy way to catch a passerby’s attention, otherwise, your location may be overlooked or unnoticed. 

It draws attention to your front door. People see the container gardens as they are driving by and are reminded your place is open for business. When you install a refreshment of plants to the storefront, people take notice. 

It says “thank you.” Adding container gardens gives your visitors and customers the extra to welcome and thank them, in a visual way, for continually visiting your business as a valued customer.

And best of all – it engages your customer in conversation with you! Want to get to know your new customers or regular visitors better? You would be surprised at how a container or pots filled with cheerful plants gets them talking with you and about you. Plants are conversations pieces, and many people understand the beauty they bring to a space.


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