What Plants are Used?

I love plants and, as noted in my About page, I especially love showy large plants which grow quickly. However, we are not limited to just tropical plants – we may incorporate perennials, annuals, succulents and cacti – and vegetables or herbs. From small to large, I am always learning, growing, and frankly, experiencing new plant themes and styles. That is the beauty of container gardening and patio pots. It is similar to rearranging and or updating a room in your home with color, foliage, flowers, and new trends or old stand by traditions. The ideas and creativity are endless.

Plants are selected based on the exposure at your site (sun, shade, wind, etc.) and determined based on availability and quality. We do not work from strict recipes because in the plant world, so many factors affect the plants’ health from climatic changing conditions to potential pest problems. Our goal is to use what is best at the time of your installation.

Most of our plants are grown by “local Connecticut growers” and many are unique. They are maintained in a greenhouse environment at our nursery or outdoors until ready to be installed at your location.

We do our best to avoid “problem” plants which tend to get insect problems. We also focus plants which are long-lasting. In many cases, unique or special plants are scouted out for you as part of our services.

We have experienced situations where business customers reached out to learn more about “What is that plant?” in the container garden at the business. We are happy to answer questions for your customers, yourself as the business owner showcasing a container garden at your store, and of course, for homeowners.

Looking forward to share more with you.

Cathy Testa


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