2020 Updates

Hello and Welcome,

The new year is here and I’m looking forward to all my plant related offerings as well as new experiences to come. Sometimes I do not know what “new” adventure may present itself, as with last year, I had the pleasure of installing a high rise garden in a couple locations as well as installing plants in a “hot yoga” studio – now that is a challenge!

Each new adventure provides me with more experience which is always a good thing in the plant world.

I plan to update this site soon with the many photos I took in 2019 of my work, but there are so many, it is taking me hours to organize them first! But I promise to do soon.

In the meantime, this is what is ahead for 2020 by me, Cathy T (Cathy Testa) of Container Crazy CT.

Seed Talks at Garden Clubs and Farmers Market
Seed Sow and Growing for my May offering of Starter Plants
Installing a new season of gardens at my Balcony Clients’ residences
Installing container gardens at my Store Front businesses
Creating Patio Pots and Other Amazing Plant Gifts
Offering my May Container Gardening Workshop
Offering my Seasonal Hand-Made Gifts by Custom Orders
Holding my Autumn Succulent Topped Pumpkin Workshops
Holding my annual Holiday Workshops in December
Taking Custom Orders for Wreaths and Kissing Balls in December

And what more will be added remains to be seen!

If interested in any of the above, feel free to contact me in 2020.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Cathy Testa
Container Crazy CT
Cathy T’s Landscape Designs




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